Increase Revenue through Abandoned Cart Messaging via Whatsapp

Personalized messages delivered to your customers Whatsapp inbox.

Fully integrated with your Wix Store.

Certified Wix Partner

Why Whatsapp ?

Higher Engagement

Whatsapp is quick to consume and gets more engagement than an email. Ninety-seven percent of text messages are read in the first four minutes of receipt, and retailers see a 400% lift in click rates from Whatsapp compared to email.

Increased Reach

Whatsapp has a very high reach as a marketing channel. It’s easy to be personal with Whatsapp. This channel is perfect for personalized, time-sensitive messages—like cart abandonment reminders.




Fully-automated abandoned cart recovery messages sent via our WhatsApp-approved number.


Simple and easy to understand analytics dashboard that gives you insights into carts recovered and additional revenue earnt.


Include customer name, checkout URL, cart items and shop name in your message.


Early Adopters Clients

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Stop Losing Sales from
Abandoned Shopping Carts

We are launching soon. If you sign up now and get unlimited notifications for $30/month.

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